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The 3-G Construction Company Team

3-G Management
Larry McCrery President 1974
Mike McCrery Vice President 1992
Ruben Altamirano Operations Manager 1985
Todd Smart Estimator 1985
Daniel Wolf Controller 2008
3-G Superintendents
Jim Blakley Framing 2012
Dan Chappel Framing 2012
Dennis Collins Framing 1988
Jason Dobbs Trim 2016
Scott Dunkle Trim 2012
Joe Griffin Door Shop 2011
John Lehman General Trim 1986
Jim Mac Cleary Framing 2012
Sean Mac Cleary Framing 2012
Scott Olmstead Trim 2012
Dan Smith Framing 1985
Will Stotts Trim 2012
 Panel Yard
Nick Guerra Superintendent  2015
Shad Dandron Panel Yard Designer  2015
Stefano Sedillo Residential / Commercial Framing 1990
Don Potter Residential Framing 2012
Jeff Randall Commercial Trim 2012
Vada Smith Residential Trim 2012
Jake Severn Commercial Trim 2008
Office Staff
Ashley Severn Payroll / Human Resources 2012
Monica Bond Rough Coordinator / Accounts Receivable 2012
Kaitlyn Reeves Trim Coordinator / Accounts Payable 2013
Tammy Fellner Rough Coordinator 2016
Lexie Smith Accounts Payable 2013
Pamela Szekalski Accounts Payable 2015
Rebekah Hitchcock Payroll Assistant / Administrative Assistant 2015
Vianey Duarte Hiring Specialist / Administrative Assistant 2015
Kaylee Wright Administrative Assistant 2016
Contractor's License
Residential Rough 50645 Class C-7
Commercial Rough 75538 Class L-7
Residential Trim 096605 Class 30
Commercial Trim 096611 Class L-30

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